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New year

Jamie Lavery  |  Jan 13,2008 08:53 PM

Hey I'm back at college now after the Christmas break, it was nice to be home but was really excited about getting back and the things that are happening this year.

This week we are having a youth event in West Brom, Urban Mission. We are hoping to impact the town and raise the profile a bit so that we can be more effective in reaching young people, and allowing God to move in their lives.

Also in 8-10th February it’s THE GATHERING, serious4God’s youth conference, it going to be so amazing this year, I cant wait to see how God moves.

As it’s the start of a new year I've been thinking about new year resolutions, (I’ve made none), for years I committed to go running but after a few day’s I’d gave up, I never saw any benefits. It was easy when I played football; it was part of what I did. There was a ball to chase, a goal to aim at; and we were always determined to win.

When I gave up playing running became pointless, I had nothing to aim for, no match to win, there were no benefits that I could see. After some time of not running however, I tried football again and my fitness was gone, I couldn’t last a game, my touch was bad, my aim was off, my pace was gone.

This got my thinking about God, how we can make commitments to run after him, its alright in church, we have a goal to aim at, a purpose and a point. There are others around us that encourage us to keep running, what about away from the pitch, away from church.

Its harder, no one around, we don’t run the same, we don’t read, pray, worship. We lose fitness, feel out of shape. If I had seen the benefits of staying in shape I wouldn’t have given up running, but because there were no obvious benefits I didn’t.

Chasing God doesn’t seem to have many oblivious benefits, but if want to the last the race and have an exciting, God filled, on the edge lives we need to stay spiritually fit.

God bless


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my funny blog!.........NOT!!!!!!!

Matt Paton  |  Dec 10,2007 01:44 PM

Regents has transformed my life!

I now weigh 12 stone, have a beard (questionable) and am very sick of eating chips!
But all that aside coming to Regents has just confirmed God’s calling on my life. Most of my family have been through the college so I knew that it was inevitable that I was going to end up here! But around the end of 2006 God planted a deep passion and desire to see the youth of this nation radically changed and set on fire for God. I knew some people that were already on the youth track but never really thought anything of it until the Gathering 07. God spoke very clearly to me that weekend and I knew what I had to do. Not long after that I had applied to Regents and been for my interview which turned out to be successful (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this). I then waited anxiously for the summer to end so I could start the rest of my life.

I’ve now been at college for I think 8 weeks and have been amazed at just how insanely awesome God is. He has given me a group of friends that are like a family and he is always challenging and stretching me further. Something that has really spoke to me is Philippians 4:6 which says, "dont worry about anything, instead pray about everything and God will give you a peace that passes all understanding." Before starting college I was worried about meeting people and all the work and living away from home and this verse challenged me to trust fully in God.

Bo Selecta

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A great start

Jamie Lavery  |  Dec 4,2007

Hey guys, 12 weeks in finally getting round to writing a blog entry. The year has been brilliant so far, on the serious4youth course, so getting back into studies has been challenge after not being in a class room for a few years. It been good, though it really challenged the way I think about things.
I’ve realised many of come from a my way is the only way approach, God has made us all individually so why would we all be the same? Jesus said once you can’t put new wine into old wine skins, you can’t fit into a wineskin someone else has made. Not everyone’s is the same so don’t try fitting into their mould and don’t let anyone try to make you fit something you don’t.

I have also started a placement in West Brom, starting a new group called Urban-Mission, with 4 others guys. Our team is really great, so many different abilities experiences and personalities. With any team it can be tough but when we got one common purpose it brings us together and sorts anything out.

I came to college because I felt God call me to youth work, I had already been involved in it in my home church (big up transform), but I needed to be trained more, since I have come here the dreams and visions in my heart have increased, the longer I am here the more I can see God doing. There is a broken, fatherless generation, a chosen generation that we can reach, if we choose too.

Strong people make as many mistakes as weak people. The difference is that strong people admit them, laugh at them, and learn from them. That is how they become strong.

Making mistakes is what we learn from but it is best too learn from others mistakes so that you save the time making them.

This year so far has been amazing, I have got to know God even closer, but at times I have felt under a microscope a bit, I can see all the bad bits a lot clearer and to stay close to God means sorting them out, but I haven’t felt condemned. I have realised that many of the times I have felt that way it hasn’t been God, it’s been me. I’ve learnt the art of picking my self up. It is retraining your mind to think about what God says about you, not the negative things about yourself.

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What am i doing here?!! .....only messin

Miriam Dann  |  Nov 28,2007

Hi! I'm Miriam and I'm at Regents Theoligocal College doing the Serious4Youth Ministry course.  Well it's been 8 weeks and it feels like ages! but in a good way! 

I really wanted to do this course after seeing a talk on it on the Gathering 2006 (luuuuuve the Gathering!).  At the time I was at uni and the thought of studying at Regents was just a dream really, because in typical student style I was totally broke.  I applied to come anyway as i really couldn't get the idea out of my head as I felt God wanted me to come.

I got a place at college and this last summer was crazy! God provided the money for fees from all here I am, really thankful to God and loving it!

I chose regents because I wanted to learn more about God and youth work, but didn't want to spend to much more time in eduducation.  The course is cram packed over the one year (and I mean cram packed!!!) which suits me perfectly.  

Highlights of the last 8 weeks have been meeting some really lovely people, college life, the Gathering Max and getting the chance to start a youth work in West Bromwich.  I'm really excited about the rest of the year, getting involved in more things around college and then getting back into the youth work in my home church

Cheers for reading & will keep you posted!

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Bethhhhhhh! and my first couple of months here!

bethpx217  |  Nov 22,2007 10:36 PM

Hey, I'm Beth!
I am on the Serious4Youth course here at Regents Theological College in Nantwich. My first two months here have flown by! So I'm just here to tell you a tiny little bit about how I came to study here and how things are going!
Well.. I don't live on campus, because I only live 15 minutes down the road in Crewe. I guess at first this made it a little more difficult to form friendships and such in the beginning, as the others were all living together, but it has been an amazing experience anyway and I have formed really good friendships, everyone here really is fab! =]
I'm still not sure how I came to Regents, but I had heard about the college and found the course online, and it seemed to fit exactly what I wanted to learn so that was it!
I don't feel that I had a huge call from God on my life to come here, but after praying about it with my youth pastors and my family, it definitely felt right, so here I am!
When I first got here, my main fear was that I wouldn't fit in and that everyone on the course would be super holy, but everyone is so fun and down to earth, and it's been a better time than I could ever have expected or hoped for! =D
The work is pretty demanding at times, but it has been really worthwhile, as I have learnt so much since being here than I did in the past couple of years!
I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year goes, and especially events such as The Gathering. We have already had one event, The Gathering Max, which was one of the best experiences, letting me see the work that goes into such an event, and being able to be a part of that was awesome. The Enlarge conference was also pretty good, but so tiring!! I am really looking forward to The Gathering, which will be sometime after Christmas.
At the moment I am not sure whether to carry on at RTC after this year, but I will see how everything goes! Hopefully it will carry on being as good as it has been so far!
So yeah! That's me so far!
Take care!
x x x

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Livin Life at da Max!!

jeremyhallett  |  Nov 21,2007 03:57 PM

So here I am 2 months into the Serious4God ministry course. I came on this course purely because I want to be a part of a fresh move of God amongst the young people of our nation and be better equipped to do that effectively.

We definitely got a hands on taste of this when we were involved in the Gathering Max at the NEC. The highlight of the day for me was when I was standing at the bottom of a stairwell in the arena directing the young people that had responded to the message. I was amazed to see the massive crowds pouring towards me to head to the counselling room to receive Christ. It proved that every second of time and every ounce of energy was worth the effort to see people turn their lives over to God.

This past week, a group of five of us have started a new youth group in West Bromwich Community Church called Urban Mission. It was a fantastic night and made some great connections with unchurched youth. Most of them were looking for somewhere safe to hang out and chill as they have nowhere to go.

Time is flying and there is constantly something to think about on the course, but I keep my vision in front of me… I still believe more than ever that we will see a generation changed by the power of God! The Gathering Max and Urban Mission are just a taster of the future… The future is bright!!!



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Life at Regents 2 months on

Bethan Richards  |  Nov 21,2007

In April of this year I came to the Just Looking day, initially just for supporting my husband David. But after speaking with Mark Pugh (National Director of Serious4God), and a few more members of faculty and also after listening to some of the students talk, I knew God had been speaking to me and told me this is where He wanted to me to be. So I made the decision to obey God, and I came to study at the college.

It has now been two months since I started the Serious 4 Youth Ministry course. Although there have been many down times there have been many more good times. You come to realise how good God is. I mean He has given me some really cool friends that are sharing their experience with me. We are all on a journey together. Some of them are there and you know that you can laugh, cry with them or just be there to listen to some of the problems you are facing.

Anyway I am only here through the grace of God. I am so grateful for this experience, and thank God every day for the opportunity of being here and training to be a youth worker or pastor. I feel it’s where God wants me to be. Working with youth. I mean imagine being in a place where there are 6000 + people and 1137 youth give their lives to god. How amazing is God? I was there at the NEC arena, at the Gathering Max. How privileged I felt to be apart of that.

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So far for Luke at Regents...

Luke Goodway  |  Nov 20,2007

Starting this year at Regents on the Serious4Youth Ministry has been a massive shock! From having my own room to having to share with someone who snores. From having a comfortable house to a messy bathroom. From clearing up after myself to having to do wash-ups for an entire college. And from going to bed and getting 10 hours of sleep a night to not getting to bed until around one o’clock every morning. I’m not that much a moaner, I promise.

Its been an amazing adventure already but ask me at the end if its been well worth it. I can honestly say the thing that gets me through every day is the fact that my relationship with God grows day in day out. It’s only when you study the Bible for a whole day and can’t be bothered to open it again for personal devotions do I feel the strain of college. God has been my protector, he’s teaching me patience (especially with people, no offence to anyone but some people can annoy me being so close to everyone all the time!) and he’s showing me what a life living for Him is all about.

Experiencing God’s power here is something that overwhelms me and is what makes me never want to leave. Having my placement back home in Bristol makes me torn, on one hand I learn and grow and have made amazing friends (who make my spare time here always make me laugh! I mean…they help me study. Of course) this makes me not want to leave Regents. On the other, I’m living what I’m being taught at placement, in the place I want to impact the most for God. I have felt no greater feeling than doing God’s work which makes me want to stay in gert lush Bristol.

I have had the privilege of doing God’s work at many conferences, back home and here at Bible College. Seeing God work through so many people gives me pleasure, purpose and joy and all the hard work pays off in a moment. Like when people gave their lives to Christ at the Gathering Max. Proper good.

I have had to get over a great deal whilst being here and have been pushed at times to my limit but God has had his hand on me throughout and the more I focus on him, the more I find out his plan for me and his overwhelming power and love for me. Its been tough but it’s worth it.

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Here it goes....

Jenny Breeze  |  Nov 19,2007 08:01 PM

It's probably the best idea to start at the beginning of how I ended up at Regents doing the Serious4Youth Ministry course, so here it goes!.....

I knew throughout the 2 years of doing my A levels that I didn't want to go to Uni, so I came on one of the Just Looking courses last February (07) for 3 days with my pastor and absolutely loved the college, the atmosphere, the people, everything! I had such an amazing time but you know how it is, you get back into a normal routine after going home and I didn't really think that much more about it!

A few months later we had a sermon at church about not waiting for God to do something for us, but instead doing something about our goals and dreams and then letting God close the door is it wasn't what He had planned. So, I applied to college and a few months later got called for an interview which was the scariest thing I had to do, (at that point in my life), and being that it was my first ever interview and that I didn't have a plan B, this really did count for EVERYTHING!!! But...the interview went fine and I am!

Since starting Regents, lots of things have happened and I've had the opportunity to be part of some major events such as the Gathering Max where it was such a privilege to see all of those young people make their first commitments or rededicate their lives to following Christ, the feeling that I had I just can't explain, it was awesome!

Being at college, I've been faced with many challenges as well as opportunities. As part of our course, we have the opportunity of running a youth group at a local church for the 9 months we're at college and just by doing that it has been challenging. The hardest part of that has been not having a designated leader so problems or ideas have to be decided within the group but weekly meetings and discussions are where it all gets sorted and we come to an agreement somewhere along the line! One of the challenges for me has been planning short talks to present in front of the class as I am not a public speaker in any way, shape or form! The feedback from that was really encouraging though, giving me ways in which I can improve but also telling me that bits that were good.

Another challenge that I've had is personal devotions. Being at college, it can sometimes be very difficult to get my own personal space and time just to reflect, but being with people of the same frame of mind can also be encouraging, just to have time praying and chatting about stuff, so it's all good fun! :)

Well, until next time, take care! :)

Jenny x

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The Story So far.......

Rana Kundi  |  Nov 15,2007 03:14 PM

Since joining the serious 4 youth ministry course in September, I am pleased to say it is definitely the right decision. As I am learning so much in communicating effectively and handling various situations. The experience we are receiving is invaluable.

It has been challenging, at times felt stretched in (writing essays and community living) but God will not allow us to be stretched beyond what we can take. The faculty have been great with helping where they can.

The gathering event in Oct 07 was just phenomenal, just to be apart of the team which assisted the youth in coming to Christ was awesome….. Glancing around the auditorium and seeing thousands of hands in the air hungry for Jesus…..such a privilege.

Then after the event our weekly placement church got off to a great start with a good number of youth arriving, most who were not yet Christian…. I feel God is doing something in this generation and I feel blessed that I can help and be a small cog in the great scheme of things.

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God's direction or mine?

Sam Findlay  |  Nov 15,2007

An interesting change of direction has led me to be doing the Serious 4 Youth Ministry course. I am now two months into the course, and I feel that God is using this time to prepare me for ministry with young people.

I believe that the young people are not only the future of the church but also the church of today.

Seeing the changes from a year ago to now I can see how God has influenced my life. Even though I had felt that God had called me to Bible College I had never thought it would be this soon. I thought that I would go next year so I could sort my life out first but over the summer I felt the Lord say to come this year. I have had to learn to rely on God for all things including his timing for events.

Having done the first two months I must admit it hasn’t been easy and has been challenging at times but it has been a real blessing to get to know God better, to worship him and spend time with God. It is a real opportunity to learn more about what we believe and to have the opportunity to put what we have learnt into practice.


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The First few months at RTC!!

Paul Watkin  |  Nov 14,2007

Well, it’s been an interesting two months, had a few ups and downs here in my first term here at RTC. Nonetheless I’ve persevered, and just got on with it. One of the main positives is that I settled down fairly quickly, in fact, the first day I felt right at home. The drawback has been getting essays back, and seeing your grade, even so it’s all a learning curve. As God is good, He has picked me up; therefore helped me to move on quite quickly.

It has been hard work, however just learning so much about God’s Word, which has included learning about books that I’d never even heard of before I came here, i.e. Habakkuk, has been interesting.

If I’m totally honest, the lectures are good; but on the other hand they can send me to sleep sometimes. Once more if I’m being honest, that does depend on how much sleep I got the night before. The lectures have been on all sorts of topics, namely, Pentecostal Theology, Christian Foundations, Hermeneutics (big word), OT, and the Youth element to the course.

Being here at college has increased my spirituality, and my relationship with God has become deeper. If I’m being honest for a third time, I have felt a lot more comfortable here worshipping God such as raising my hands in worship, than I do when I’m at home. Nevertheless when I went back home over half term, on both Sunday services, morning and night, it didn’t feel uncomfortable worshipping God. I don’t understand why it did, but that was mainly down to the fact that I wasn’t as close to God as I should be when I was previously back at home. It has increased my confidence to pray out loud, and not be scared in anyway as to what other people think when you do it.

On a final note, it’s been an amazing experience as in terms of just the whole God filled atmosphere and just being part of the G:Max, was simply awesome. As said previously above, learning all sorts has been challenging and interesting, even though some of what is learnt goes in one ear and out the other. In addition, it’s been a new experience as in living within a community. I have surprised myself to be totally honest with the way I’ve handled situations that I wouldn’t have handled so well at home, but that’s probably God, not me.

Watch this space; it’s going to be an interesting time!

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