The Tuk-Tuk Diaries


We've been advertising this sponsored challenge as an event we're doing because we believe that "young people are worth it!". Well now we're not just saying that they're worth it, we're going as far as driving the length of the country to prove that they're worth it. Many have travelled the famous paths from John O'Groats to Land's End, but none (so we believe) have ever done it in a tuk-tuk.


We wanted to document our exploits so that you could feel part of what we're trying to acheive.


Watch here the team's video diary. CLICK HERE


Here you can read the daily entries from the team and see some of the photos.

Day One: John O'Groats to Glasgow

Day Two: Glasgow to Southport

Day Three: Southport to Birmingham

Day Four: Birmingham to Yeovil

Day Five: Yeovil to Land's End


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