DEED Introduction



Our DEED is our biggest challenge to date. It provides the framework of our ministry from 2011 to 2018 - a 7 year period during which we believe we can build for a preferred future.

We want to see this generation transformed by encountering the hope of the gospel. We want the future influence and effectiveness of the UK church among young people to be way beyond it's current position.

This is not a time to rest comfortably. This is a time to dream, pray, give and work with everything God has placed in our hands to see a preferred future become a living reality!

Disciple We're committed to empowering young people to become effective, world changing disciples. A number of key initiatives will be developed and launched over the coming years which will do just this!


Engage With the needs among young people in our communities increasing, we will be working with a range of highly skilled organisations and partnering with local churches to bring about real change.


Establish We will be working with churches to plant 75 new and ongoing missional works to young people.

Double We will be working with local churches to double their influence and effectiveness with young people in their community


Look out for more details coming soon....